Selling U.S. Out is an award-winning non-partisan examination of the trade and economic policies that brought about the current economic crisis.  It is receiving 5-star reviews from Americans across the social and political spectrum. Here are some recent reviews:

I’ve been a great admirer of J.R. Martin since reading his award-winning book, Selling U.S. Out. As one who also works on U.S. trade policy matters, I’ve never seen as compelling a wake-up call to America!

  • Kenneth N. Davis, jr. – Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce, and Former IBM Corp. V.P. and Chief Financial Officer

J.R. Martin is a patriot who sounds the most important clarion of our time. He argues a clear and persuasive case that the republic is under a non-conventional, comprehensive, and relentless attack from within and without, which threatens her very existence. Selling U.S. Out is a cross-generational ‘must-have’ addition to every family library.

  • Dean G. Popps  – former Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army

Great book! … actually used to be an issue that politicians regularly debated… whichever [political] party adopts an anti-free trade strategy is going to start winning elections…

  • Thom Hartmann – TV/Radio Host, Author, Political Commentator

Selling U.S. Out is an extremely well-written book that exposes the facts surrounding the United States’ international trade relations. …This book should be mandatory reading for all of our federal officials, and it is a ‘must read’ for every concerned citizen.

  • Dr. T. J. O’Hara – Strategic Consultant, Author, Washington Times Columnist

J. R. Martin has written an important book. He is a modern day Thomas Paine urging Americans to action. The solid research which is the basis of the book provides readers with facts rarely gathered in one publication or so clearly presented…. 

  • Johannes Dahle – Retired University Administrator
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